Petrogen Heavy Rescue System

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Petrogen Heavy Rescue System

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This unique system provides extremely safe to use economical cutting power. The Petrogen system makes cuts that are impossible with any other torch. Incredibly fast and clean with less airborne contaminants, Petrogen makes smooth cuts through thin and thick steel up to 14 inches. The powerful flame cuts through layers and across air gaps, through rust, paint, even concrete backed steel without popping. The Petrogen cutting system is currently in service with the Fire Service, MOD and various commercial users working in the Nuclear industry.

• Uses standard unleaded petroleum
• Delivers unrivalled cutting power, safely and economically
• Cuts up to 5 times faster than acetylene or Propane cutting systems
• Can be used for cutting underwater using the dedicated underwater cutting torch
• Due to the unique design of the torch, no danger of back flash!
• Fitted with a fast flow check valve that shuts off fuel if the hose is cut
• Tips and torch head run cooler than any other torch
• The tank includes many safety features to make it absolutely safe
• Petrogen operates at low pressure between 10 and 20 psi
• Less airborne contaminants
• The flame oxidises all the steel in the cut, leaving no molten steel slag

System Contents:
• 27” Torch (Optional Head angle: 75º, 90º or 180º)
• 2 Cutting Tips (1 x No.5 & 1 x No.8.3)
• Liquid Fuel Hose (Length: 50 foot)
• Oxygen Hose (Length: 50 foot)
• Liquid Fuel Tank (2.5 gallon)
• Oxygen Flashback Arrestor
• Spark Striker
• Spare Parts Kit (see list for contents)
• Tool Kit (see list for contents)
• Reference Manual

NOTE: Oxygen Bottle and an Oxygen Regulator are Not included.



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