Streamlight Survivor Right Angle LED Torch 240V/12V cords

£205.00 £246.00 inc VAT

Streamlight Survivor Right Angle LED Torch 240V/12V cords

£205.00 £246.00 inc VAT

Survivor® (Low Profile) ATEX (Rechargeable Model), International Safety-Rated Right Angle Personal Light

Rated for Zone 0.

The redesigned Survivor features a low-profile bezel that doesn’t interfere with gear and equipment. We also redesigned the clip and added a reinforced D-ring so your light hangs forward.

Product Data Sheet:  Survivor LED Torches


  • Available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable models
  • Features C4® LED technology with four lighting modes: High, Low, Flash and Moonlight
  • Custom designed optic with optional, interchangeable Smoke Cutter® plugs for preferred beam pattern
  • Strong spring-loaded clip securely grabs onto belts and gear; D-ring features forward hanging orientation
  • Optimised electronics provide regulated intensity
  • IP66 water-resistant; 2 meter impact resistance tested
  • Lumens: 60.00 – 175.00
  • Candela: 14000 – 41000
  • Range of Light / Distance 405 meters
  • Run time: 8.00 – 20.00 hours
  • Battery Styles: Non-Rechargeable, Rechargeable
  • Battery Types: AA Alkaline, AA Lithium, Lithium Ion Cell Pack
  • Length: 7.060 inches (17.93 centimeters)
  • Weight: 12.500 ounces (354.37 grams) – 13.700 ounces (388.39 grams)
  • Colour: International Safety Orange
  • Safety Ratings: ATEX, IECEx, InMetro, Intrinsically Safe
  • Battery Quantity: 1

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Streamlight Survivor Right Angle LED Torch