Tekno Rescue knife

£31.00 £37.20 inc VAT

Tekno Rescue knife

£31.00 £37.20 inc VAT

The Techno rescue safety knife comes complete with many features making this an ideal product for the emergency services. One of the key safety features is with the knife release mechanism that ensures the knife can only be removed from the sheath away from the body, thus preventing potential accidental injury to the user.

  • Colour Yellow
  • Teflon coated stainless steel convex serrated blade
  • Moulded plastic sheath
  • Lanyard hole and shackle key
  • Hooked rope cutter
  • Moulded rubber handle for improved grip in water
  • Round ended blade for safe use
  • Supplied with straps and side release buckles for attaching to the leg
  • Slide button release/locking  mechanism on the sheath
  • Knife length: 21cm
  • Blade length: 10.5cm
  • The Knife/sheath can be permanently mounted to a fixture or PFD


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