Throw Line Safety Statement – June 2018


5th JUNE 2018


Safequip are aware of the recent report produced by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) regarding the recent failure of a particular brand of throw line during a boat capsize rescue drill.

The report clearly identifies that the primary failure of the rope was due to sections of rope being fused together which caused the throw line to fail in use.

We categorically confirm that Safequip Ltd do not or have never supplied throw lines which has rope that has been fused together, in fact we know from our own internal historical testing that the type of rope used, if subjected to any contact with a radiant heat source or significant friction causing heat damage, will significantly reduce the overall strength of the rope.

Although “Throw Lines” are not officially classified as a lifesaving piece of equipment or subject to any specific product test certification requirement, at Safequip we treat them as such and have strict quality controls and undertake regular testing to ensure the integrity/breaking strength of the rope is consistent which is supplied in our throw bags.

Safequip (IONIC) branded rescue throw lines are specifically manufactured to our own design and specification to provide both durability and suitability for the application they are designed.

Safequip cannot be held responsible for any miss-use of the product and provide a Product user Manual (PCU015) that provides guidance on their use/deployment and instructions on care and maintenance.

IMPORTANT: It is ultimately the responsibility of the user/organisations to carry out regular inspections to check for any signs of damage or premature wear, and remove from service any throw lines which are found to be faulty or damaged.

For reference all Safequip throw bags are fitted with a heat shrink cap which is fitted to the free end of the rope, for ID marking or date of issue.

For reference, a copy of our throw line user manual can be downloaded from our website here.

If you have any further concerns regarding any of the information stated above, please contact our technical team on for advice.

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